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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fever :-(

Kadyn is running a fever now. He has no signs of infection or the flu or a cold, so now im worried that maybe his shuntis failed again. The last time he had a fever with no signs of infection his shunt was blocked. So now im worried that he is going to have more surgery. I dont want that to happen. I really dont. He has already had three surgeries this month and i dont want anymore. Im so tired of putting kadyn through all this, i feel so bad for the lil man. He is my everything and i feel like a bad mommy sometimes because i cant protect him from himself basically. I know the doctors say, its not your fault but there are times i will sit back and just think what could of i have done different. I did everything i was to do and didnt do anything i was told not to do. I love him either way but its just not fair that a child has to suffer through all this. He is a happy child and loves to laugh and play i couldnt ask for more really.

He is laying in bed in just a diaper. He is sweaty and just feverish right now. here in a little bit im going to run him a semi warm bath and just have him play in it. Once his tylenol kicks in. so i am just going to keep an eye on him and hope his fever doesnt spike any higher and keep tylenol in him. Im going to give it a couple days and hope for the best. Kadyns head circumfrance is the same, he doesnt have a f0ntenell anymore so i cant see if thats buldging, but his eyes look wonderful and his personallity is still there. So im going to wait this out a couple days and just see if maybe its just a lil viral.

i hope so..


Cedar said...

I found you on youtube, and asked for an update.. But now I found your blog!!!! I am praying for the fever to go away!!

Hugs, kisses and prayers..