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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fluid Pocket....ugh

I was bathing my lil monkey man today and when i finished up and went to brush what hair he has left i noticed that the incision where his old shunt was puffy, so i touched it and it felt like it was full of fluid, so the first thing i think is omg, his shunt isnt working now and the fluid is pouring out of where the old shunt was. So i called the nurse and she is trying to get ahold of neurosurgery. I guess they are having a ton of emergancies in the er today and sincem kadyn is happy, eating and going to the bathroom fine he isnt considered an emergancy, but as his mother, i think it is LOL. But i knwo thats just be being a mom. So now we wait patiently for someone to come look at him. I dont think im going to like what they have to say, but whats new i never like when neurosurgary has to say.

Well going to go wait and ill give an update later


Diss said...

Wow, Kadyn has grown so much! I just saw your little one today on YouTube, and then looked to see if you were keeping a blog. I'm glad you are, what a delightful little boy! He is very fortunate to have such a loving, supportive family network such as you. I'm enjoying your photos, watching him grow. Kudos for your strength mom and dad, and Kudos to you too Kadyn!

Kristen said...

Hopefully it wasn't bad news. I'm sure you and Kadyn are well overdue to enjoy some time at home.

Michelle said...

I hope that everything turned out OK with Kadyn today. All of our little ones (and their Mommies) could use a break!