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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kadyns Surgery

Well they had a bit of late start in surgery today. Kadyn was boarded at 8am, then it got delayed to 11am. Well they were running a bit behind, and didnt come and get kadyn until 11am. So we finally get down there and they are about to take him, and i open my mouth nad i say wait wait, Dr ham, he needs to come mark the site, i know he gets cranky about that. So we waited and waited, so finally the surgical nurse goes and looks for dr ham, and saw that he was in on and emergancy case, i guess the other neurosurgan had ran into come complications and needed dr hams help. So we waiting, they finally took him back around 1:50pm. Now a shunt prosedure usually takes..aboiut an hour to 45 minutes, and thats including the prep time. Well it wasnt until 3:30 Dr Ham came out and said we just finished up, and everything went great. So i was happy to hear that. They had to restart his iv so thats what took them a little longer, finding a vien that will work lol. Then he is was PostOP for about an hour and came to his room. I was waiting in his room for him. I cant handle going into the wake up area, idk, just dont like to see other kids and him right after, its hard. So he went to sleep shortly after and woke up around 7pmish. He just got done eating 8oz od pedlyte and cryed for more so they let me give him formula and he drank 4oz of that and he is just in his bed talking. i feel bad because his vocie is soooo raspy. But in away its kinda cute. I love my lil Kadyn. He is my lil hero <3

Well i am so happy that Caymans surgery went well. I read her blog...going to go comment on it...dont think i did, think i went to and accidently xed out and got mad and said ill do it later. Prayers surely were answered today!


Kristen said...

Thanks for you sweet comment about Cayman on your blog. I was thinking of you a lot today knowing you were in the same situation as us. Waiting sure sucks. I'm so glad Kadyn is out of surgery and things went well. Now, let's just get our babies home! :o)

confederategirl said...

Hey I came across your story on you tube and thought that i would drop by and send my prayers with you and your family! I can only imagine what your son is going through and i pray that the best will happen to him! I am 13 weeks pregnant and if my husband and i have a boy we were going to name him Joseph Kaedin. When i saw your video on you tube and it said kadyn i just thought that was awesome that i come across someone with a child with the same name as mine would be (if a boy). Well good luck to you, your son, and family. MAY GOD BLESS YOU GREATLY!

bluelady said...

the hardest part of all this is the person waiting outside the surgery ...they dont know whats going on in there...i had this op done in 2003 and so far so good i am doing really well...
good luck