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Friday, June 27, 2008

Great news!!!

So the fluid pocket is just from where the old cathitor used to be, and the lil hole that is there and the fluid is just shifting in and out of it. YAY So we are home now. He is a totally new baby, happy nad playing. I am sooooo happy. HE is just wonderful. They put his shunt back on the side of his head. They didnt want to risk infection again by putting it back in the back of his head. I liked it there though, it was barely noticable and idk, just a good place lol. Yesterday both my boys came home, Kadyns daddy and kadyn. I was sooooooo super excited. Kadyn is happy to be out of the hosptial also!! He is doing soo good. He hasnt had anything for pain in two days. He didnt have that much pain anyways. HE has morphine once which was the first day, then regualar tylenol two times while at the hospital. Which was great becasue i hate putting a narcotic in my son. SO i was happy.
We are going out to my sisters today, she is having a bbq with fireworks at night. Im happy.
i have to go pick up formual, and stuff today.


Kristen said...

such a relief to know the pocket of fluid is nothing serious. Enjoy your time at home!!