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Monday, June 9, 2008

Gotta love going to the ER

Well Sunday at 4:30am Kadyn woke up just not right. His eyes were jittery and his leg kept kicking. Then when he would come out of his siezer his eyes would deviate downward, when i saw that a couple times i freaked out and packed my things adn his and went to the hospital. We got there adn they did a shunt survery and everything looked great, they decided that he just needed an increase on his Keppra. So they did, and kept him for 24 hours. Well longer than that, but it was over night. He did very good and they sent him home around 5 today. Thank goodness because we have some horrible storms coming our way and i wanted to get home before they came. So im just glad to be home and now i have alot of cleaning to do LOL.