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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Kadyn is now asleep, but he began to get really cranky. I took him out for a lil bit to get him some fresh air. We went to Walmart (best place ever) and did some shopping, and while we were there he began coughing, now he hadnt coughed all day long, So im begining to wonder if he has allergies. I know i do. Im going to call his peditricain on Monday, I have to make his Appointment for JUly anyways. I hate going to the peditrcain because Kadyn gets shots, and sometimes the tylenol doesnt control his fever and he ends up haveing siezers, but he has to have his shots. I have so many appointments to make for him. Cardiology, neurosurgary, peditricain...i think thats it...thats all for next month. ugh! This is why i quit my job, its to much.

Kadyn has been doing really well though. He weighs 19lbs 8oz. Yeah he is a big boy. He says Baba and knows what it means (im sure ive wrote that before on here, but its soooo exciting) he is just doing sooo well. tomorrow he has an appointment to see the Physical therapist. YAY.

He is going to do sooo good. I love this lil man. His daddy is gone for three weeks. HE is in california for the army. We miss him, especaily when i need a break lol. kadyn can get big attitude sometimes. lol just like his daddy. Well have a good day everyone!!