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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its been three days!

Thats kadyn after eating some cupcake!

So i have been MIA for three days. Well kadyn came home Thursday and we went straight to my sisters because i had to pick up Harvey from out there. Harvey was in california with the army for three weeks. His post is by my sisters house, so i had spent time with my 2 year old nephew dylan, and enjoyed myself. Picked harvey up and came back home. Then went back out there Friday to pretty much stay the weekend becuase she was having a bbq and i wanted to help out by playing with Dylan. Well we stayed there until Sunday afternoon then i brought Kadyn home. Harvey and I decided to take a trip to cedar point. So my mom agreed to watch kadyn and we went Sunday night to a hotel room woke up monday morning and got in an hour early, and road the new maverick first thing. I wasnt impressed. Nothing spectacular, and def not worth waiting a million hours for. So we went on every rollar coaster there was in the park, yes every. Even the top thrill dragster...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! So then we went and played putt putt golf and i thinki had more fun playing that.

This is Harvey and me at one of the holes at the putt putt golf place in cedar point. Love love love this picture of us!!

Kadyn is doing really great. He is home, and playing. He is also getting his top two teeth in. They have broken through the gums and are growing now lol. He hasnt really been too cranky about it. His birthday is tomorrow. My lil guy is going to be a year old tomorrow. YAY. Well im going to lay kadyn down for a nap and then lay myself down for a nap.I tired and sore. But i wanted everyone to know that things are going good and kadyns doing great!!


Kristen said...

Cedar Point sounds fun! I'm not nearly as brave as you are to try all the coasters, but a day at an amusement park is always fun and exhausting, so that's good you got a nap.

Happy Birthday to Kaydn tomorrow!!