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Monday, June 23, 2008

Well Kadyn is finally asleep. He drank ten ounces and passed out. He is now NPO. Which mean nothing by mouth. Poor lil guy. He has surgery schedualed for 8am. He will no longer have his crappy EVD. Thank goodness. Kadyn's birthday is a week from today. He will be a year old can you believe that. His party is next Saturday. Hopefully Kadyn will stay as far away from the hospital as possible till then. He is such a sweet guy. Im excited yet worried about tomorrow. My parents are suppose to be up here which will be nice.
Kadyn was able to sit up in his stroller for a little while today, just to get him outta bed. He was happy a first but then became restless, prolly becuase we werent moving. Depending on tomorrow i may take him for a walk. We will see. He normally bounces back from surgeries and has very minimal pain. He is really a tough guy. Im probably not going to get any sleep, i never do the night before surgery. What i do know is i am going to write some and listen to music and just wait for morning to come. Harvey will be home wednesday night, i miss him, thankfully he will be staying the night here with me. Anyways.
I want to let Caymans mommy and daddy know that thier beautiful daughter is in my prayers. She is so darn cute and i can really feel thier pain. Cayman will also be in surgery for a shunt revision tomorrow. She is such a lil fighter just like my Kadyn. Kadyn and i said a prayer for them before bed time, and asked god to give her mommy and daddy strength for tomorrow. Im sure everything will be great.
Well i will write an update tomorrow night after Kadyns surgery and visitors and he goes to bed for the night. Tomorrow is a big i am going to lay down...i think lol