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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday partyy

Well Kadyns birthday party went well. I was pretty moody but if everyone knew how Harveys family was, and how rude and diffcult they are you'd understand. So pretty much harveys family wanted to leave before presents and i just was like dont u guys want to see kadyn open i got attitude from them, and i just blew up and said well no one is making u guys stay, if kadyn is such an inconvience then leave, well they stayed. So then Harveys mom come walking in with a beer in her hand. WTF she cant stop drinking for couple hours. Well i finally just fed kadyn, rushed presents along so they could leave. But other than that everything went good, good food, good hamburgers, good times. Kadyn didnt really eat his cake but i made sure he got it on his hands. Kadyns getting three teeth in so he really doesnt feek good, everything was fun though.
Kadyn got his feet wet in the pool couldnt dip him in due to his stitches. I decided to keep his stitches in a few more days due to his party, i didnt want anyhting to be a little open. So he will get those out tuesday. He is laying right next to me right now, sleeping. He has a long day, he slept in, just like me YAY i feel great! not!! lol.

Ill post some pictures from his birthday party later, im too lazy to right now LOL.

He is such a doll


Kristen said...

i'm so sorry the party didn't go better for you.

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