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Monday, July 21, 2008


So today was my first day of being back to work. Oh yay i think. Anyways. It was boring and i worked my ass off i think.

Harvey texted me while i was working, Kadyn said MAMA clear as day. He has never just said MAMA its always been mamamamamamama...yup, but this time it was clear as day he said. I missed it...figures. its so nice outside right now too bad its like 9pm i want to take kadyn for a walk sooo bad. OH well what can ya do. Harvey is sleeping which is retarded becasue he sleeps all day and stays up all night and even though thats what he does during the week cuz he works midnights, its still frustrating because i used to work midnights also, 10-7am and on my days off i could stay up all day that day and when i had to work i would sleep like 5 hours before i went towork. I guess its just frustrating to know that he is sleeping all day and when kadyns sleeping its boring and ugh lol oh wells

off to watch jon and kate plus 8