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Sunday, July 20, 2008

MOre progress today

I see kadyn lifting his head more and more when he is on his belly, which brings me to think maybe i should do more tummy time with him. He seems to laugh nad enjoy it more. He doesnt lift his head straight up but kinda up and off to the side, but isnt that how most newborns start learning when on thier belly? I believe so. though kadyn isnt a newborn, his brain seems to still think so, but his hydro was so horrible that they had to drain slowly so his brain wouldnt hemmorage and cause more problems. Anyways!! haha, I decided that if he wont spoon feed now, ill give him the food mixed him his bottle, i just dont think he wants to give up his bottle at all and im not asking him too just take some bites, so im goin to put it in his bottle and try the spoon thing, when he gets overwhelmed, i will just do bottle that way he gets what he can with the spoon and he also gets some in the bottle that way i can teach him and still give him hwat he needs and not worry about himlosing weight or anything. HE is am amazing lil guy. HE truelly is. We have had an eventful weekend and i dont think things are going to get easier LOL..buh byes <3


Luciana said...

I'm soooo happy about his progress!! He is really a fighter. A strong one! =)