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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kadyns amazing!

Well he had a good birthday. We played and played, and i told him about how we are having his party saturday. So he doesnt understand, but i find it hard to sit there and talk to him and him not talk back, idk ive always been that way even when my nieces and nephews were young. Kadyn is in his bed right now resting, he just had his tylenol for his teeth, and his keppra for his siezers. They upped it while he was in the hospital because he has such a rapid growth spirt i guess. He is getting big. I got him a hat for his party, i can only hope it fits his head. Yeah i hate saying that but most hydro moms know, u have to worry about hats fitting. Inever bought any outfits that the hat was attached for that reason. Idk, i figured that another mother could buy that outfit and use that hat. Kadyns only worn a hat the first few days of his life in the NICU, but that was because his neurosurgan demanded that he wore a hat to keep him warm because in the NICU when they are newly born they can not wear clothing, after a week though he was allowed to.
Kadyn saw his Auntie Dana, Uncle Dave and Cousin Dylan yesterday for his birthday. My sister needed a baby sitter so i packed kadyn up and off we went. It was nice.
Well i dont have nay pictures yet, prolly not until after saturday...buh byes!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kadyn!!! Way to go little man!