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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tummy Time.

Kadyn gets a lot of tummy time, mainly because he will roll on his tummy and play. Well i was watching tv and he was laying the floor playing and laughing, and when i looked i saw that he had rolled over and he was lifting his head and putting it from side to side. I was soo mad i didnt have my camera ready but i did get some pictures

The first video is kadyn holding his head up for like a second. I had to move it and help him a little but he held his head up on his own, The second video is his playing and moving his lips making noises. He is still on his belly right now, its part of his therapy. He is such a sweet boy. He is suppose to have at least 2 hours of belly time a day, not all at once, so i usually do it 4 times a day for a half hour right before his nap the first two times because it will tired him out and help him sleep, and the other two i just kinda throw in there lol. Now i am going to finish watching What not to Wear, and then kadyn is going to be going to bed here in a couple hours. My lil jelly bean is doing great!!
OH about his appointment, they said he looks good and that they are going to just decrease his siezer meds. His last EEG he had silent siezer activity, bascailly irregualr brain waves. So they want him to have another EEG here soon, so he is. I am going to call tomorrow and get the appoinment and then i am going to watch THE ROAR ON THE RIVER. (racing boats lol)



Kristen said...

"Way to go Big-Boy Kadyn!!"

I watch What Not to Wear sometimes too! It can be very entertaining.

Mel said...

I found your video on youtube and found Kadyns story truly moving.

My father-in-law devoloped hydrocephalus 2 years ago and it's one of the hardest things I've had to watch someone I care about go through. You are such a strong mommy to watch your little one go through it. I'm a mommy of three and thank God every day for my little ones.

Would you mind if I added your link to my blog?

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