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Friday, August 22, 2008

The African Safari.

Where do i start? I had so much fun!! We went to this huge hotel room. Three bedrooms, dining room kitchen and living room. This hotel had an indoor waterpark and an outdoor one. It is called Kalahari Resorts. It was beauitful! Kadyn did very good in the water. He didnt like it at first but he warmed up to it and begun to have fun! We swam all day yesterday and had pizza and lounged and just had a good ol time. We woke up the next morning and we went swimming again! WHAT FUN! This time i was able to lay kadyn down in the shallow water where he could just lay there and splash and have a good ol time! I was soo happy. He didnt really like that life jacket at wasnt comfy!

i also got this wonderful cute vidoe of him swimming.

After swimming we went to the African Safari! How awesome was that. We fed ALOT of animals, deer, water buffalo, buffelo, rein deer, antalope, zebra, white zebra, giraffes, all from our car! It was AMAZING!!!

These are some of the animals we fed. Starting from the top left. Idk what animal that is, id say a weird looking deer creature, same with the second picture..deer lol. The third picture was an elk, he ended up stealing my thing of food.LOL. The next row thats a giraffe, there were three of them there, and the second pic on that row is another giraffe, i just love that picture, then we have a zebra, these guys were cool. NOw if you KNOW me you know i love wild cats. The next row that first picture is a ocelot. I love its pretty spots. Then the picture after that is a zebra, but its not ALbino, nope it just is a white zebra, the eyes are blue therefore he is not albino. That next guy is a buffalo, sooo adorable! Then that one in the window, he has some huge horns but i believe he is a water buffalo. AMAZING! I had so much fun im hoping my sister takes me and Kadyn next year. I loved feeding the animals grain and carrots. The deer just come towards ur car and come in the windows, i was nervous at first but then i calmed down. Kadyn slept through it all. In that picture you can see he has the headrest, yes, i borrowed it from kadyns therpist until i get my own which thank you to wonderful donations, ill be ordering that tonight. Thank you!!!

Kadyn was awake by the time we headed home and him and I played along with his cousin dylan the whole way home!!!


Bitte said...

So cute little boy :)I found you at Youtube.So much love beteween you.My little brother was born with Hydrocephalus.He died only 3 years old,had a heartdisease.I miss him still,although it´s a long time ago.If it hade been now att the 2000-century,he would live.Back then they did not know about his heart and told us that he would get well soon.Regards from Sweden/Bitte

Taryn said...

aww your baby is so cute! im so glad he made it through that hardest parts of his life. the kalahari resorts is awesome. i went there a few years back and i didnt want to leave. hehe. well i wish best of luck to kadyn and you and your family.