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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I think i can Officially say....

Kadyn is spoon feeding!!!! Yes he is!! Im so happy im just ahhhhhh! He has fed from a spoon really really good two days in a row. Its not perfect yet, seeing as in order for him to spoon feed the bottle has to be in his hands and he will put it in and out of his mouth, He uses it to swallow, but at least he is eating!! Im going to cry, my kadyn is growing up!!!. I tryed some veggies, he didnt like mixed vegies so im going to go and get some other veggies, and also there is a food grinder so im going to make my own pureed foods. PLus i can use a blender also. So maybe he will like more tastee foods. Anyways im just excited that he is finally spoon feeding. Also He is rolling over and back all the time now.Omg im such a proud mama. Im just estatic that he is getting so strong and talking so much, we have conversations, i say Say mama and he screams DADA lol. Or he will go rarararararararaaaaa or MLAH...or babababa, but he is talks....or he will go eyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyyeye. he is silly. Such a fun lil guy to be around. Im telling you i wish people wouldnt judge my son before getting to know him. It seems like i get alot of stares lately, but i guess next time we go swimming, he will wear a onesize. I thought people would just look in a confused curious way but nope, i had one guy double take, and i shouldnt of but i said something. I was like can i help you? He just looked embarressed and said he was sorry, and i just snapped, its more polite to just ask what his condition is thank you. I just walked away with kadyn and kissed him i told him, that he is perfect. Goes to show how rude and mean people can be, but i didnt let it ruin my fun, i forgot about it, on purpose and went on playing in the water. I really honestly shouldnt of let kadyn play in tht water but the simple fact is, i couldnt not let him have fun because of him condition, sooo, i let him lay in the water, luckly there was ALOT of clorine to clean the water, so i beleive he will be okay, none got in his ears, ty ear plugs! Maybe i should put a plastic cap on his head.

I just glanced at him and he is staring at me so im talking to him and he called me Dada, at his age everyone is Dada lol. I think his vocie is tooo darn cute!!!.

Well im going to take him to the store, i need to get vegies for him and some other Adult foods. So we will see how he does with that.


Kristen said...

I know it can be hard when people stare, and it hurts us but I think we can do just as much harm and damage to the situation by getting mad at people. Remember before you had Kadyn, when you saw a child that looked differently you might have stared, perhaps even did a double-take...and you know it wasn't because you meant to be rude...difference catches our eye. We, as a special needs family, can easily misunderstand and even judge people for the attention they give our children. People are much more warmly able to accept and love our kids if we respond to their stares with love and kindness, even though the stares may hurt. If Kadyn sees you respond to people with a warm smile he will do that too in life and people will get a chance to get to know him and love him too.

Taryn said...

Yeah I agree with kristen on what she said.
But don't let it bother you when someone is staring, it could just be that they are curious. Maybe next time you see someone staring at him, just go up to them and just let them know what his condition is. And maybe they know someone in the same condition. Who knows. But kadyn is so cute, and is a strong baby. God must have thought Kadyn deserved to live. He does deserve to live. Good luck. =]