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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ahhh kadyn at his finest

So this i couldnt help but crack up at. Kadyn Loves holding his own bottle. He wont have it any other way now. Just him and the bottle. So He is laying on my bed (its easier for him to hold the bottle like that) and im sitting here checking out myspace. All the sudden i hear him cry, i look over nad he is holding the bottle but out of his mouth. So then i watch him put it back in his mouth, and he was happy again two minutes later this time i grabbed my camera becuase i thought it was too cute to pass up a video like that. Now kadyn is used to the bigger Nuk nipple and his therapist wanted him to use a smaller one, not all. feeding has gone down the drain too. I tryed to feed him with a spoon and he screamed. I can only handle so much screaming so i gave up. I try not to get frustrated but ive been dealing with this for 6 months now, and im just tired. Im hoping that therapy will help him. I really do hope. He does good once then doesnt want anything to do with it...its just frustrating going back adn forth. Luckly he is doing good and is gaining weight but he is a year old and he should be on solids already. Im trying my best to help him, but i dont want to just let him cry when i spoon feed him because im scared that will make him think its a negative thing and i dont want to, Ive tryed playing with him, singing to him and telling him that its okay, nothing works...he just cryes and throws his head back and forth. I guess things can only get easier right? Eventually he will get the hang of it and everything will be okay....i hope.


Kristen said...

Kids, once we think they are getting something figured out they change it up on us again. Cayman is back to not sleeping well at night :o). Silly kiddos. They'll eventually get it.

I can't wait until Cayman holds her bottle like that. Kadyn does such a good job!

Anonymous said...

I think you're an inspiration. Keep being strong!