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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Kadyn had therapy today and made it through the whole thing.

Speech Therapy

This started out nice. He was HUNGRY. We got there and he as CRYING! So she called for us to coem back and we begun by feeding him the bottle. He has been transitioning into a new nipple. So i started with a smaller NUK nipple. Kadyn has always used the NUK bottle. Its huge, its fat, long and round and the nipple is huge, that is fat around the base and then the nipple itself is small.
These bottles pretty much helped Kadyn learn to feed from a bottle. They are huge! The Nipples are HUGE! So his speech therapist says, ok lets get him smaller nipple then go on down from there and to a sippy cup. Well putting him *back* on the smaller Nuk nipple wasnt hard at all. He has been on it before when he was younger. I had him on the Dr. Brown bottles with a Nuk nipple, he loved it, but for some reason those bottles with that nipple made him get a ton of up set stomachs, so i went and spent a lot of money try to find that perfect bottle and finally i found it. Now these bottles arent cheap its like 13 bucks for three of them. So when i found them i bought enough, now i have a ton of them and i have to go back to the smaller bottles, which is fine becuase i can just buy the NUK nipple for them.I went and bought regular cheap bottles (dollar store) and the NUK nipple. (target). He does fine adn doesnt leak as much. So hopefully this will be fine for now.
Physical Therapy.
Today session was nice. Kadyn got to play on a ball which he LOVED! They told me that I could just go to Target or something and get a regular big playing ball for him to play on. Basically they layed him on it and rolled him and bounced him a little but and encourged him to lift his head, and he did like 3 or 4 times. I was happy. They played him him on his side to make him stronger and they are also planning on working with his tracking with his eyes. He doesnt do that. They think its muscle control. So Kadyn sat up in her lap and she helped him and held him, and pretty much he is worn out now. He did good and she said that she was very proud that he let her do so much seeing as he wasnt used to so much. She said that we will have to watch what toys he plays with because too much eye stimulation can cause siezers.
I am going to go now i have to be to work so im going to try and nap for an hour or so. Kadyn is napping he is worn out...i am happy :-)
That was fun. Im going to write everything down that the therapist said so i dont forget and so i can post it so everyone can see and work with him on it also. Amazing lil man :-)


Kristen said...

Awesome to hear!