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Monday, August 11, 2008

What a beautiful day

Yes, today was AMAZING again, Kadyn didnt do soo well with the spoon but i expect days that are up and down but he did do it, so makeing progress is amazing. Kadyn once again slept in till 9:30, he has been going to bed late and wakeing up later, which is fine with me :-). Today kadyn woke up and Daddy fed him, then it was back to his bed for the morning routine, he will usually lay in bed for a lil bit listening to music and playing and laughing an talking. Then i will wake myself up and get ready for the day, which i will make breakfast for me, and whatever, then i play with my man.

Today we decided we would go fishing. So Harvey, Kadyn and I went to this wonderful park in Flat Rock, MI, and we fished. Kadyn doesnt like to sit up very long due to his head weight his neck get tired, so Harvey held him and fished at the same time, and Kadyn decided he wanted to fish too so he was holding his poll and he even grabbed for the reel. It was too cute. I caught a couple fishies and harvey caught none. We packed up when kadyn got too fussy and left. We came home and my mom and dad had pulled up, finally back from camping. So Harvey and I put kadyn in his bed, (safe place for him to play lol) and helped my parent unpacked then talked my mom into watching Kadyn so Harvey and I could go for a motorcycle ride. So off we went, and it was nice because the weather was beautiful! Amazing

Kadyn is still awake as i type this, but at 9:30 he is suppose to be at least laying in bed, with his lullabies on, so he is singing to them and talking to his stuffed animals.

well that was my day. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and i hope everyone has an amazing night.

(Kristen I hope Cayman continued to sleep through the night or for at least 7 hours striaght or more) :-)


Kristen said...

What an awesome day you guys had!!

Cayman did not sleep through the night well last night. She is so exhausted from all the partying that she is sleeping more during the day and is less tired at night. The plan tomorrow is to limit the long naps to get her back on her night-time schedule :o).