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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ahhhhh City nights

So i just got done taking kadyn for his "almost daily" walk. He did great. He talked the whole time. I walked to walgreens, i bought him some cream for his egzema.

Well i was playign with Kadyn and i noticed he has been chewing ALOT lately, well, he popped another tooth. So he has 6 teeth. I have noticed that he remebers things, which is great! Him and my mom have this thing where she will get close in his reach and he will honk her nose and she will go honk honk, and he does it everytime and he loves it. Well i think that is freaking awesome!!! I am so happy, that means he is going to be a smart boy. I have faith in God and i have faith in my son that everything is going to be okay. He knows what he wants, and God has plans for my lil man. He may be a bit behind but one day when he learns he can do these things he will fly, he will just go go go and soon he will be running around driving me crazy and honestly I CANT WAIT!

I went to my grams today, my lil nephew Dylan who is 2 was there he was sooo funny. He was jumping over me and standing on my back then he was purposly fall adn look at me with a huge smile adn say you kick me sara your kick me. HAHA! He was laugh too and i would say I kicked you? and he was say yes, So i would ask him if it hurt and he would say no adn continue to jump all over me. Lets just say my back isnt going to feel good tomorrow! haha. I love that lil critter

Kadyn is in his bed, it is settle down time. Its funny because around 9 he becomes fussy, he knows he is in his bed around then. Even if he doesnt sleep, he has to remain in his bed, no one is allowed to play with him. He is on his own play time, unitl he sleeps. I dont know if that seems mean but Kadyn needs his time to just be on his own and settle down. Thats the way i see it, and just because he is specail needs doesnt mean he cant have some sort of disapline in his life. Im not talking harsh disapline, but knowing when its time to settle down adn when he is so tired that he is going to nap or sleep. Now we are starting to disapline him when it comes to the bottle. Ok he takes the Nuk nipple and we want to switch him to a straight nubby nipple. He has done it before, me and his therapist watched him drink 2 or 3 ounces before he through a fit. So now its, he HAS to take this nipple for at least one bottle and it doesnt matter how much he cryes he doesnt get a drop of formula unless its from that nipple. Needless to say i dont belive i shouldnt feed him, I dont know i dont believe i should starve the kid outta one bottle to get him to use this other nipple. The fact is he isnt ready to transition onto a sippy cup yet and as long as he isnt ready i dont think i should push it. But oh well what can you do?

Kadyn hasnt been eating foods lately but i havent been stressing it. I gave him a bit of abreak after all he has been through and going through right now. To make a long story short, Harvey forgot sunscreen for his cousin bday party which was at a park, well harvey was smart enough to put him in the shade, but his brother had picked him up and walked with him so his left side of his face is burnt. Not bad, but all sun burns are a bit painful, and i know this. I was just mad because Kadyn goes through enough and he really didnt need this. I went out and got him some lotion for it. Acciudents happen and it wasnt totally 100% Harveys fault because he did set him in the shade. So i said my peace with just talking it over with him and i got over it. That simple.

Well anyways its beena couple days since i updated, i just havent been in a blogging mood