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Friday, August 29, 2008

You're 21 and caring for a specail needs child?

As the subject line says, i was asked that question. I took Kadyn out and he was facin to were you could clearly see his shunt. A lady who obviously knows what hydrocephalus is, came up to kadyn and looked at me and smiled, and asked me how old i was, i told her with a smile (a confused smile) that i was 21. Her eyes widened and she asked how do it. I told her that i take it day by day. I cherish the days he is with me and i just give him love. She gave me a hug and told me that from the look sof it i was doing a great job. She told me he was the cutest baby she had ever seen. She had asked me what vehicle i had driven, i told her i drive a truck and it was green and had tinkerbell on it. (we had conversation) we said our goodbyes.. I continued shopping and when i came out to my truck. I had found on the window a bag with a thank you card and a outfit for Kadyn. I was baffeled yet happy. I opened the card and there was 20 dollars in it. It was from the lady in the store. I wish i could find her and let her know how thankful i was. Its hard to find someone willing to love a child who appears different in the eyes of another.
I cryed. I cryed happy tears. As i put kadyn in my truck and i gave him a kiss and i told him, one day you will change the world my love. One day you will grow up and everyone will always love you. I drove home with a smile on my face, people must of thought i was nuts LOL. just smiling.
I have learned now that i dont care if people stare. Let them, thats the only glimps of awesomeness they will ever see again. I smile now, and i will say hello. I tell kadyn whenever some stares to just ignore it and smile. The simple fact is, im happy and he is happy.

Well anyways i am going to go now. I need to be to work at 7 but kadyn is still awake :-(


Kristen said...

What a great story Sara. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful story. All the best to your beautiful family.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is the sweetest thing! I've heard this said: to the world you are just one person...but to one person you might mean the world. There need to be more people like her. Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that you are the best mother Kadyn could ever get! Your son is so cute and strong fighter! I wish you all the best!!

Anonymous said...

mucha fuerza desde Chile.
Un gran abrazo para ti y tu hermoso hijo.