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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Detroits Walk for Hydrocephalus

Im going....anyone want to join me? Let me know. Here is the email i got from the hydro foundation..

Catch the Wave of Awareness

Join Us and take Steps to Improve Life at the
2nd Annual Detroit MIHydrocephalus Walk
Fun Family Day

Sunday, August 17, 2008 Registration Begins at 8:30 a.m.Walk Begins at 9:30 a.m.Kensington Metropark2240 West Buno Road, Milford, MI 48380Meet at the East Boat Launch - Shelter A
Stay for the “Finish Line Festivities” following the WALK!
Please join us with your family & friends for fun, great food
as we raise awareness of hydrocephalus.

With a minimum donation of $25 per walker will receive an event t-shirt.

Register or donate online today at; click on WALK
For further information on this event please contact; Denise Bechard at 734-812-2314
Please contact Marybeth Godlewski @ 484-270-8523 or for information on our other 2008 Hydrocephalus Association WALK ~ Steps to Improve Life

I was going to go to the first one but we missed it because kadyn was in the hospital then with a shunt infection. So now i am going to go to this one. Im sooo stoked!! I cant wait till i can go and meet others who know about it.

I went to Caymans benifit dinner last night and it was amazing. I have never been around so many amazing and supportive people in along time. I was soo happy to finally meet a family who deals with what i deal with everyday and see thier little angel. It was so much fun to be able to go there and be with people who understand. It acaully helped me alot. The items that were donated for the silent auction were amazing, the music was just so wonderful adn the slide show...i got a little teary eyed because it brought me back to memeries of when kadyn was born and oh my!! It was amazing! I love the area too,out in the middle of no where in this little town. I stayed at my sisters that night. Kadyn and i passed out when we got home and he didnt wake up until 9:30am. I told lil Cayman before i left. Now you sleep through the night for your mommy. Maybe it worked? haha.


Amazing day i had and it was the most fun ive had in along time. Well Kadyn is yelled MAMAMAMAMAMAMA so i better go see what he wants



Anonymous said...

Heyy!! I just wanted to say that I loved meeting Kadyn and yourself yesterday. I'm not sure I actually introduced myself...but I am Cayman's Aunt. I was wearing a blue shirt...if that helps. haha. I took an adorable pic of Kadyn yesterday....and if you would like...I could e-mail it to you. is my e-mail...just let me know! i hope you had a safe trip back! :)


Kristen said...

Cayman did, she did sleep through the night!!! almost 7 hours straight! That is the longest she has ever gone!! She listened to you :o). I woke up feeling so rested! It was amazing!

I'm so glad you enjoyed coming and meeting our families. We all loved meeting you and Kadyn. We were still talking about you today and how you and Kadyn made the long drive down. It was so great to meet you!!

The walk for Hydrocephalus sounds awesome! I did not know they held such an event for Hydro. I'm not sure if we'll be able to make it. We'll have to see. :o)

Take care sweet Sara! And tell Kadyn hi from us! :o)

Denise said...

Hi Sara,

This is Denise and I was made aware of your blog through the Hydrocephalus Association - through a google alert :). Anyways, I am the chairperson for the Hydrocephalus Walk here in Michigan.

I am thrilled to hear you and Kadyn are coming. Please do me a favor and email me ASAP at There is some information I would like to get from you before the walk.

I think you will really enjoy the walk and all the wonderful families/kids that come together. If you know of anyone else with Hydrocephalus that plans on attending the walk, please have them email me as well.

Thanks!! Look forward to meeting you Sunday! Can't believe it is already here.