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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kadyn Learned Something NEW!!! YAY

Wow things seem to be flying by now. OMG Kadyn learned how to eat a cookie today. He was doing the whole chewing motion and biting it..he didnt bite anything off (which im glad he didnt) but he was chewing on it and holding it by himself. I felt sooo proud!
Here is a video where you can see he is chewing it. He is sooo amazing!

I feel so proud, because ive taught him that and i taught him how to hold his bottle and i taught him to say dada, mama, and baba, i feel so accomplished when he does things. He has been such a happy baby today, smiling laughing and playing, talking, and just haveing a good ol time. I am sooo excited that he is feeling so much better. Im couldnt ask for a better lil man. He wasnt in the best of moods yesterday but i think the music was bothering him, when i took him out of that room he was happy as can be, another thing was i couldnt just lay him on the floor to roll around and play. which is his favorite thing to do. He would rather roll around and play or playin his bed then be held. He is a baby on a mission let me tell you, and honestly i think if he could hold his head up he would be running around this place driving me crazy, but the thing is, i want him too, i want him to drive me crazy, i was him to run throughout the house screaming and playing, i was him to beable to fall on his butt and cry for me. (thats sad) but its true, i mean you see a mom with a normal child and she is complaining because the child never stops, well i want to be able to do that, and now with his therapy i give it a year and he will be holding his head up and close to crawling. I give it 2 years for him to be walking, and talking, i think he has that about down he just needs to learn new words and then learn to form sentences, and i think that will be the easy part. The best part is that, he rolls over and over and over, and rolls back, then he will lift his head and move it to the other side, but it goes right down. He can throw his head back when you hold him but he throws it back down.

I feel proud :-)


Kristen said...

He is as content as can be chewing on that cookie!! He is so amazing!! I understand what you mean in wanting for him to run around and drive you not be able to get anything done because you're constantly pulling him out of getting into stuff :o)...someday. Right Kadyn? Someday you will! Someday mommy will want to sit down and pull her hair out because she's frustrated and then she'll smile and say,
"My son is driving me crazy!! Thank You God!!" :o) hehehe