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Friday, August 8, 2008

Well Here i am

Still in the hospital, Hopefully Kadyn can come home today, if not itll be sad. I dont know. Kadyn is an amazing lil guy. He is just so happy. He is naping right now and hasnt has one seizer today at all. Yesterday he had 2 of them. So im hoping no more now.


Thats all i have to write for today...

bye bye


Kristen said...

I've been thinking about you guys and wondering how things are going.

Tell Kadyn Cayman wishes him to feel better!

Kelly said...

I somehow stumbled across your video of Kadyn on YouTube - he's such beautiful little boy! My little boy was born with PPHN which alot of newborns don't recover very well from. But as you can see from my blog he's pretty much perfect, although we cant be sure if he will have problems in the future. You sound like a great Mummy!

Kristen said...

Ohmygosh! I can't believe you and Kadyn are coming!! :o) I thought since he was in the hospital that you probably wouldn't be making it! I'm so excited! I take it then that Kadyn is feeling lots better :o) yay!!!