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Monday, August 18, 2008


What a moody lil man he was today. I dont get it, but i think its a boy thing. The best part about today was kadyn spent a few hours outside in his pack n play. He had alot of fun just being in it playing with hsi toys. HE eventually fell asleep outside and it was cute. I have some pictures that i will post at a later time. Just dont want to get up outta bed and get my camera right now LOL. Boy oh boy does he enjoy being outside. Anyways.

I took Kadyn up to my work today to see my schedual. He was flirting with all the girls and just being a silly bean. He enjoyed it until he got sick of being in his stroller. I was going to take him for a walk but i got lazy. I didnt try spoon feeding today because of his mood just wasnt good at all.But the lil guy wouldnt stop eating, he just wanted to drink drink drink, i finally just gave him juice and he acaully drank it, he never drinks juice.

Today was a nice day. I enojoyed it. Kadyn not so much, he just had one of his boyish mood days LOL.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I came across the video of your son. It is proof that God gives special babies to special people. What a wonderful thing to share, I see such tremendous love. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure that you have touched many people that needed to see your message of love, faith and strength.

Kristen said...

Oh cool, a new background!! That's fun!