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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good morning.

Kadyn is laying drinking a bottle and i decided to write on here hehe. Anyways kadyn has been doiung so amazing. He is rolling a lot more, and he is staring more at objects talking and babbling alot more. He is just so amazing. He is more aware of his surroundings, though i dont think he minds being somewhere new. He still prefers to be playin with on the floor and not to be held, but he is a year old so thats normal. He holds his own bottle, and he is just begining to eat from a spoon. Im going to target today to get my own food masher that they have out and im going to start mashing my own foods for him to try. He rolls around in his crib a lot more. He moves his head, but cant hold it up. He can lift his head...he can scoot around...and he grabs toys and he plays with them and he can switch toys from hand to hand. When his bottle is dropped he can pick it up and put it in his mouth. He has just done such amazing things! There is a carnival going on right now but im thinking next year we will be able to go to it. I cant go there because i may get a lil sad because kadyn cant do the little kiddy rides they have there. But im hoping in a year, kadyn will be holding his head up a little. He is such a strong lil man!!


im going to go, his bottle is done and he is screaming DADADADADADADa...everyone is dada now LOL...i think he just like to say it!! :-) Im going to go walk up to the dollar store here soon. I love that place!


Kristen said...

Good job Kadyn!!

He sure has suddenly taken off with everything. I bet he won't need a full year before he's holding up his head. It's fun to think and picture the two of you enjoying the carnival together. :o)