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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well i was laying in bed with Kadyn, we are having a lazy day, i had turn over and out of the cornor of my eye i saw him shake. Kadyn shook and shook then it was over. His lips turned a bit blue. No he is just spaced out and out of it His head looks a big buldgy so im worried now. He doesnt have a fontinell so its hard to tell. He is just tossing his head back and forth like he doesnt feel good all the sudden. He wont talk to me, its like in 2 seconds he is a totally different baby. I cant even get him to smile. IM going to cry!!!! His eyes are jittering ALOT now. Im hoping that he is just recovering from that horrible seizer. Im going to keep a close eye on him, if he has anymore, off to the er we go. I just picked him up and he layd limp in my arms for a minute, and his eyes were squinted. Idk, ill keep this updated. I hope he just had a siezer and nothing more to it. His eyes are just up like he is looking up into his head. He keeps closing them like something hurts. GOSH THIS IS THE TIME WHERE I WISH HE COULD TELL ME WHAT HURTS. Im soo worried right now. Im debating on what i should do. For the simple fact i dont want him to go through all the poking and proding for nothing. I dont want them to tap his shunt, risk of infection that way too, i dont want them to start an iv on him...i dont want any of this one my poor baby. ok he is playing with a toy now. I think i can calm down for a minute. Idk, he just isnt himself. Kadyns never shook like that during a siezer. Not at all. That way totally different. It was unexpected alot. Maybe he had a rapis growth spirt? IDK. Well im going to give it the res tof the day, and see if he has anymore, if not he see's his neurosurgan next week. SO we will see.


Have a good afternoon.

Edit: right after i posted this, kadyn began to say dada. I think we are going to be okay!!!