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Friday, August 15, 2008

HAY KadyN!

Yup, Kadyn Kadyn Kadyn, he is such a silly man. So am addicted to selling items on ebay, and i have just decided to sell kadyns old clothes on ebay. Because by the time i have more kids, those clothes are going to be so old and yucky. So i have clothes laid out and im playing with kadyn, and i have the clothes in a nice neat pile...He rolls over and is on his belly, and i didnt realize he still had milk in his mouth. Now i just JUST got those clothes outta the i have to wash them again. I go kadyn OHHH NOOO silly man, and he lets out this ear pinching scream and a huge heartbreaking smile like he knew he did it. I wish i had my camera in hand. LOL That was too cute! So i roll him back over and i take the clothes put them in the dirty clothes basket and i set pillows around the edge of my bed (he normally doesnt roll on the bed but just to be safe) and i threw the clothes back into the wash. I come back and he is rolled over on his side playing!!! I was soo excited, once again wish i had my camera, darn me for letting his father borrow it LOL. How was i to know that him doing something once at therapy would make him do it again. I love this lil booger!!


My ebay name is Saraloveskadynherson. I also changed my email address if anyone wants to write me or forward me emails. Ilove MAIL but my address is now My other emails where back from high school and where kinda out there LOL. Anyways.

Today i have to work, go get pureed foods so i can end up wearing them LOL and a therapy ball for kadyn to roll on.

Story Time

Yesterday i get home from work and kadyn is hungery so time for feeding. (i never knew that id acually dread feeding time) Im in my nice work clothes and im getting his food ready, Kadyns rolling around the living room. NOw we feed him in his car seat because he has the best support in it. So i go to feed him in holding his bowl, and BAM kicks it and all over me it went. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I Laughed, though i wanted to be angry i knew i couldnt.

Harvey ended up finishing feeding him while i cleaned up and showered.

Like i said kadyn is laying next to me...harvey is here i got my camera now and i got this video... Kadyn go into a fight with Super Bear LOL. It was too cute!

So if this is going to be the begining of my day i cant wait until after work and see the end. How amazing! Kadyn is in a good mood today which is good. Well time to get ready to go to work. Ugh


Tiffany PinkDog said...

Hey, I was surfing around on youtube and found a video of little Kadyn, and my heart just broke in half. So i followed it to your blog and found out that it's been a year and he is doing great. I think you're brave and strong, and I can't imagine being only 21 and coping with everything you have coped with. I'm 33 and have my first baby and I'm not sure I wouldn't have just fallen apart if I had to learn to cope with all the stress you have had.

Anyway, for about a week now I have checked your blog over and over, and I'm so happy for your little guy. I have a question and maybe you can answer it next time you blog: how long will he have to have his shunt? Will he grow to the point that he won't need it anymore?