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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Todays Events

Well today started off good. I got like four hours break away from caring for Kadyn. I went shopping for a ball to help Kadyn along with his therapy. I couldnt find one big enough. Ugh :-(. I went to every Toy store you can think of, and every department store you can think of. So now im going to go to some pool stores and sports stores. They told me that i dont need an excersize ball but just a regular ol ball that you can bounce. So my search resumes porbably Monday lol. I have a ball here but it is too small. I use it for now because i want Kadyn to get his therapy in some how. I also searched for a NUK brush and softer spoons. So im going to go to Babys R Us (my fav place) and look. I did get some things done today. Kadyn NEEDS fall outfits. Which he is only in 9 months now but im buying them in 12, because most fall outfits you can wear in the winter. So Ive been buying them here and there when i see them on sale or whatever. He only has 5 outfits for fall/winter, umm ya i think he may need more. Harvey hates when i buy him clothes, because he thinks its okay for a baby to wear short sleeves and a jacket in the winter, NOT! Its not even okay for adults. Its cold. Kadyn needs to stay warm. Harvey gives me 100 a week to spend on Kadyn for formula, diapers wipes or anything else he needs, so i have been buying kadyn at least one outfit a week. I bought him a pair of Jammies today because they were Dinos and i could resist. PLus they were on sale for 5 bucks and i just couldnt pass it up. I tryed to walk away from it, but it seems like it just stayed glued in my hand through the whole store. Like i said i tryed lol. Kadyn also go a t-shirt that i spent $1.50 on, harvey got mad about that but i was like well in the fall he can wear a long sleeve shirt under it. It had a dinsaur on it also. How can you pass up a shirt for $1.50? Sheesh come on lol. I bought him another Dinosaur outfit at Target. I swear im not upsessed with dinosaurs.

Kadyns Ohio state outfit is in the car i want to get some pictures of him in it, because even though in the state of Michigan i can get rocks thrown at me for having my child wear that, i think its super cute on him and shhhh dont tell anyone, im secretly a fan...kinda. I dont ever watch the games, but during the Michigan-Ohio game, yeah my colors arent blue. I love walking into a bar here in Michigan with my Ohio State shirt on LOL...I get lots of looks, and not pretty ones. Being different a quality i love the most. Anyways. I better wash that before he grows outta it. Lil guy keeps a weed. I cant keep up anymore. Its amazing.

He napped super late, but he hasnt really been feeling good so i let him. My mistake, but the later he goes to bed the later he sleeps. :-) my super evil genious plan :-).

I think im coming down with something. I hope now, ive been feeling cold symptoms come upon me, and i really cant afford to be sick. if i get sick i will pass it on to kadyn, and with Harvey working Midnights its hard for me to not be around kadyn, and even if i wash my hands sanatize them and stay out of his face as much as possible, he still gets sick :-(. His poor immune system never has time to build up before something happens. but thats part of life with hydrocephalus.

Im going to be in my best friends wedding October 10th and i finally got my dress in.I was so worried that i wouldnt fit into it. Lets face it, i had a kid, but do you think i have time to go work off the baby pounds i gained? NOPE but i was sooo surprised that i fit into a size 4 dress...i danced ALOT. but i love the dress on me, its sooooooo cute!! Adorable. :-). Im a bridesmaid of course and even though i look forward to it, i dont. She will be leaving for Virgina, and she is honestly my only true friend here. Everyone else walked out on me when i couldnt spend time with then, hang out and go out like i used to. IM a mom now, and even though that doesnt prevent me from going out, but when i work my days off i want to spend with my little man, and they fact that he needs therapy i feel i have to be here to do that for him, im dedicated to getting my son back on the right track. He went a year without anything and now its time to move him forward fast.

I am so excited that he is talking though, he is trying to say grandma. Its sooo cute, so now its mama, baba dada, and almost grandma. Im stoked about that!

I want to clarify something that ive been asked over a million times. WIll Kadyn always need his shunt, the sad truth is YES. Hydrocephlaus is an Uncureable but Treatable condition. A shunt (fancy doctor word for drain) is one of two treatments for hydrocephalus and the most common. The other one the thierd ventricularostomy is the other. Kadyn doesnt qualify for it, and only a handful of hydrocephalus patients do. Kadyn may out grow his heart condition, siezers and cyst but he will never out grow hydrocephalus. Its something he will have to live with his whole life, but the good thing about him having it since birth is that it will be "normal" to him. Not saying that its acually a good thing but im sure ya'll know what i mean. Well kadyn is yelling MAMA so im going to go see him. Opp now its BABA so im thinking he wants a baba.
Goodnight everyone


bluelady said...

Hi Kadynsmommy
i am Kathy from Australia
I was 34 when i was diagnosed with congenital hydro something that should have been diagnosed at birth ...but wasn't .. I had all sorts of problems growing up due to the undiagnosed hydro and things that should have been fixed but weren't and as a result have left me with some mobility issues like running out of steam at the drop of a hat ..kind of like when your car runs out of petrol...
I had a third vent done and so far i am doing ok

hope kadyn is doing ok...
how is he in terms of age development ?