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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A post a cute one

So i was thinking back when kadyn came home for the first time from the NICU. Harvey and i had Kadyn in his car seat and the car seat in a wagin that they have there. Well there was a lil girl and her daddy as we were walking out to the garage elevator, oh i forgot kadyn still had his ng tube for feeding ( nose tube) and he had a white strip under his nose. the lil girl points and just says look daddy SHE has a mustache and her father apologized and turned red. i just laughed because the lil girl only had to of been 3 or 4. I just told him to not apologize and she was so innocent in saying it. She didnt know better. It was very cute, because she called Kadyn a she and told me that he had a mustach LOL. Ahhh. Children.

Its amazing that even after haveing Kadyn and him being my first and all, i do want more children, and even with the 3% chance of it happening again, i mean its big, because now my life was effected in the 1 in 500 chance, and how do i know im not going to be in that 3% of it happeneing again. I mean its not going to stop me from wanting more children, I know how much i love kadyn and i know if i have another child with his condtion id know how to handle it. Id be devistated but now that im prepared with the knowledge of caring for a specail needs child im armed and im ready. Though it will be a few years (hopefully) before i have anymore children. Id like to give Kadyns condition time to settle down and hopefully he will be able to tell him if he has a headache and if he feels pressure on his eyes and ears or in his head. Now the poor little guy cant tell me and it sucks because with his history pretty much anytime he runs a temp or isnt feeling good, its CT scan Xrays and 99% of the time he gets his shunt tapped, which that doesnt bug him at all, (if he is sleeping he will sleep through it) SO i mean there is never a short stay at the ER and 9 tiems outta 10 we stay over night.

Anyways kadyn has been doing good lately. His new medicain increase seems to be doing wonders. His therapy i think has already started helping him. Basically the only things we have to do now is, Oral stimulation basically brushing his teeth, putting food on a NUK brush and letting him eat it while we take the brush throughout his mouth, using a finger to rub his gums, toys to let him chew on..thats speech therapy Physical therapy wise, its playing on his side, belly time, being on a ball and rolling a bit, rolling over, moving his head to one side nad let him move it to the other, and sitting up some. So yeah ive been trying to work on all these, but its hard when im working. Until i get my SSI back then im forced to work. :-(

Anyways, i am going to go put my lil guy to bed now, its wayyyy past his bed time, and he is rolling and playing all over


Kristen said...

haha.. mustache...that is a cute story.

I want more kids too. I'm not really sure if we'll have anymore biological though. Because of the way I have to deliver all children in the future I'm at greater risk of not surviving, so we're not sure yet if we'll take that risk.

How exciting Kadyn seems to be responding to his therapies! Yay!! I'm sure he'll have good weeks and bad weeks with it. He's doing awesome.