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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ignoreing frustration :-(

So the Physical therapist said during his therapy Ignore is frustration because it will make him stronger. When babies get frustrated they use more muscle. How can i ignore that? Its soooooo hard. I am trying to so hard to let him be frustrated to not baby him, but he is my baby and he has been through sooo much. I think im getting more frustrated and upset then he is. Im thinking about quiting my job again. Im really thinking about it. I just want to spend my time at home with my lil guy. He is such a big boy and i work the first 6 months of his life quit then went back to work. I dont knw anymore.

Kadyn is doing really good though. He is eating great, and gaining weight. He needs a bath tonight though. Im going to bath him right after i feed him for the last time then off to bed he will go. He is such a sweetie. I have to work tomorrow morning, which i usually dont work weekends but i volenteered to help out and work. I get paid for it :-) haha. IM thinking that im going to do lil things here and there to make money. for example : i may get a paper route, plusm im possibley going to take harvey to court for child support, he is paying now but im going to ask for more..and if he isnt going to get it, the court will make him. ANyways.

I am just too frustrated to think ofanything to write, between work harvey and kadyn im just emotionally, and physically drained. I need to sleep for about a week.


-Tara said...

I have to tell you that as soon as I started ignoring how frustrated Michelle was getting the better she started doing. Look at it from this scenario (don't so much as think of it as discipline ok?) If you have a 2 year old you want to put in the corner so that they can learn to not do something.. YOu are wanting Kadyn to learn these things and the more you give in to WHAT he WANTS the less likely he will be to do it.

So to "ignore" will help him! I promise. Michelle has made leaps and bounds over the last year off of us just making her do it. I know if you can back down on your momma bear you and Kadyn will make the leaps and bounds Michelle and I have.