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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nephrology today

Today i took Kadyn to the Nephrologist (kidney) and i got the best news EVER! Kadyns kidneys are not effected by the cyst what so ever. all of his lab work came out great and we will never have to go back ever again!! YAY. One less doctor we have to see. So now its down to the Peditricain, Neurosurgan, Neurologiest, Optimologist, Audiologist, Cardiologist...and i want to say thats all. The Cardiologist, optimologist and audiologist hopefully will be dropped from the list come next year :-) Then i will only have 3 specailists and his peditricain to worry about. YAY!

I came home from work and Kadyn was gone, Harvey came and got him until he goes into work tonight. wow. He is also getting him...sunday. He doesnt work. Im thankful. But what am i going to do?? I dont think i have ever spent the night away from him since he was in teh NICU.

Well it will be a nice break but ican see my self wantingto call and calling harvey adn texting him to ask about kadyn. LOL :-)

Wellim going to eat
Bye bye