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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kadyn has me worried...whats new

Kadyn hasnt been acting right lately. He has been really moody. He went from holding his bottle all the time and being so proud, to not wanting to hold it at all. I dont know. He isnt showing any signs other than the fussiness of a shunt malfunction. I had layed him down yesterday and when i went to check on his he had COLD sweats. Now my kadyn usually sweats alot becuase of him heart condition but its never been cold sweats. I checked his temp, no fever at all. So now im HOPEING that its just teething but im not about to stick my finger in his mouth to find out, he does bite...HARD! If you put him over your shoulder he will bite your shoulder..OUCH!!!! I guess after the last few months and the fact that he just had those seizers couple days a worry worm.

I just told Kadyn, you better just be teething. its funny because he responded and said MAMA...BABABABABABABA...soo im guessing he is hungry LOL... Time to go make him up abottle,,,and possibly nap? im tired from last night, I want to laydown and sleep some more.

Im suppose to go to Harveys grandmas with Kadyn for dinner, but i dont think i am because now ive lost my vocie...and dont feel good at all. So she will probably get mad because if i dont go Kadyn dont go, IM the only one with a car and harvey has his motorcycle, so she will be upset but if im sick im staying home.

ok baba time for kadyn lol