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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kadyn is my baby and will always be

Kadyn is 13 months old. He is amazing. He just learned to hold his own bottle, he says mama dada baba and now trying granmda. He sure finds ways to amaze me everyday. He has finally decided that rolling over and scooting is the best thing in the world, and he is pretty much more independent. He enjoys going for walks, but they have the be long walks or he will get upset. Naps are down to one a day. (boy do i wish he still took his morning nap. He is starting to learn that baby purees are good. Though spoons still are evil to him. He loves making a bunch of noises and he is such a silly bean. As isit here and type this he is making noises and saying DADADA. Its too cute. His dada went home to go sleep. When harvey isnt here Kadyn knows nad he just says dada all day. HE knows that harvey is his dada. Another amazing thing. He knows the meaning. Which is good. i cant wait for the day kadyn can say full words and sing and dance.