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Sunday, August 17, 2008

YAY for Kadyn

So today i was feeling brave enought to spoon feed and i did it. He DID IT again, this time he refused the bottle though. i was excited. So Banana Orange Melody was his treat. He tryed chewing it, and of course becuase he has weakness in the muscles in his mouth ALOT came out when he swallowed but the fact is he was eating and swallowing and CHEWING. That was amazing. He ate have the container. I mean these containers arent small and he ate half of it. i was a proud mama. Now tomorrow he prolly will refuse it but oh well. He is sitting on my porch in his car seat drinking his baba right now. He finally got tired of eating and juts wantde a baba. Yup he is holding it himself. We are waitinf for his grandma to get out of the shower because Kadyn NEEDS a bath AGAIN today. Yup he has banana orange all over him....and i mean ALLL over. I couldnt keep up with the spitting out and making sure he had enough to swallow lol. But it was worth the mess. it really was. I had im going to have fun bathing him. I smell bbq chicken mmmmm. (that was random) I wanted to video tape his chewing but i didnt want to get my and my camera all sticky me is fine but the camera lol no.

Idk but kadyns had a lot of gas lately and i think its the new nipple he is sucking on. Luckly the gas isnt staying trapped in his tummy causeing him to have a belly ache. I think baby gas is the cutest thing. They just let one go and smile and go on about thier buisness. Its so innocent and not rude lol. I love it! Its weird but i love everything that kadyn can do. From the fact that he breaths down to the fact that he poops. Yup im happy to change icky diapers, why? It means that he is working from head to toe :-).

This shunt has been amazing. IM so happy that its working so well. IM so excited that he has been moving on and going forward. MY lil man is growing up and getting big. But they are babies until the are 5 i believe. Kadyn will always be my baby. NO matter what. Kadyn has taught me so much. He has truely change who i am and he has truely made my life better nad worth living. He has change who i am, and who i was. I wasnt the best person before i had kadyn nad honestly im still not but im better. Im a better person now that im responsible for this life that i have given.

I dont know, today i feel so blessed and i feel so...just idk its such an indescriable feeling, but i feel just AHHH. I feel like i become a better mother everyday. More patient, becuase let me tell you im the most inpatient person ever, but when it comes to kadyn that seems to not be the case. Im almost always very calm but when i get to the point where i need a break, i just take him to his room, put him in his bed, kiss him on the cheek and tell, him mommy needs to take a breather but mommy will be back. Dont worry. It never calms him but he is safe in his bed, and i can just focus on me for a second then go back to his needs. Kadyn seems to have moody days and he has happy go lucky days. Sometimes it seems like his moodier days last forever.

he is learning so much and he is growing. Now he just taught him self to bite down on the nipple and pull the bottle out of his mouth and he can fling milk. Great. Naughty boy. Ill just let him get it away with it for now lol. How cute is he. Also he can hold his own bottle with one hand now. He does drop it when he gets distracted or towards the end of the feeding when he is tired but he does do it. I am rambling on now. Im going to let him finish his bottle then he is going to take a bath then im going to lay him down to go to bed :-). Harvey is staying the night so HE is waking up with him lol.


Kristen said...

You have a porch?! That's awesome. I want a porch...someday!!

Motherhood certainly calls for patience at times. That's so great that Kadyn spoon fed well for you today. It sounds like, through your words, you were so happy today. :o)