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Sunday, August 10, 2008

oh my goodness!!!!

Today has been the best day ever!!! Kadyn decided that he would spoon feed!!! I can not believe how blessed of a day we are having!!! best day ever!!!

So there is another video...dont mind my vocie, but im too excited for him. He also dropped his baba adn picked it up and put it in his mouth just now OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I wish i had batteries in my camera for that. This is an AMAZING DAY! Did Cayman say something to kadyn yesterday lol??

I am soooo happy about today. Kadyn is truelly starting to come around. I mean i thought seizers would set him back but they made his jump forward i guess??? I dont know. The reason why im so excited is, okay. I had left for the store. Harvey (daddy) and Kadyn were both napping, and Kadyn needed formula (maybe this isthe last time i buy it!!?? haha) so i went to target (favorite store) and i came home and Kadyn aws crying a lil. By the time i got his formula made, he was in a big big fuss. It does take long for him to fuss. When he is hungry its feed me now!! NOW lol.Well i was like okay ill try spoon. So i got him undressed (easier to clean up) then i set him up on two pillows (head support he cant sit up or he slouches) and he was angry made! I started by sticking an empty spoon in his mouth, he quited right up. Then i let him hold it and he laughed, so then i took it and put applesauce on it and he swallowed it. Then it was a game...he would spit it out suck it back in, spit it out and id put it back in adn he would swallow. Ill play the game if he swallows it LOL. Well he ate alot of it. I was sooo happy. The best part is he tryed chewing it....and by trying to chew showed me he was ready to try adn chew foods. But im going to wait to see his therapist for that!! haha. He is next to me holding his baba laughing and eating..I feel like the luckiest mom in the world!! I feel so accomplished today...words just cant explain how i feel. Like i just want to jump up and scream, run around the block screaming my son can eat, and eat and my son can put his bottle back in his mouth and my son is LEARNING!!! OH YAAAAAA.. I am soo happy!!

The Picture above is kadyn eating his Cookie (biter Biscuit)

Kadyn licking his lips. YUM

Kadyn Laughing and playing with his feet

Kadyn just being kadyn

I have got to be the happiest person around right now :-)


Kristen said...

Sara that's awesome!!!

Good job Kadyn!!!

And from the looks of the pictures he seems pretty happy and proud of himself too!! :o)