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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Todays appointment went good. I was so happy. Dr Ham confirmed that it was not his shunt causeing his siezers but that he had a siezer disorder. So with that said i was like alright sounds good. (not that its really good but its better than bad lol). Well tomorrow he see his nephrologist for the first time. Im kind of worried that they will want to do surgery to remove the cyst and i really dont want to put my baby through that, but whatever will make him better.

Kadyn is scooting on his belly and scooting his head across the floor.

He is sooo funny today. Eating eating eating. Such a funny guy.

Anyways He is doing soo good that his neurosurgan doesnt want to see him for 6 months!!! Of course he added the unless something happens, though he did add but ihope not lol.
Well im going to go eat something and feed kadyn dinner then go to bed!

\bye all


Tiffany PinkDog said...

Hope you're hanging in there with the Harvey thing. I think you're right--that guy is too immature, he's just causing problems where there don't need to be any more problems.