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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Therapy Today

I wrote this Last Wednesday after his therapy and totally forgot to post it!! But here it is anyways!

This is from Last Wednesday :-)

Kadyn went to his therapy and he did great! His therapists are so impressed on how well he is doing and how much he is doing. He held his head up for a good 30 seconds. YAY. That was awesome of him. Some people who read this are prolly like...uhhhhhh ok. Well Hydrocephalus babies head are very large. Kadyns head was 55cm, which is just as large as a adult head. It being so big makes it heavier, so he has a hard time holding it up. He tires out from it.

Well as a mother, and i think most mommys can agree with me. It is heart breaking to see your child fuss. Kadyn was so frustrated and fussing but the therapist kept pushing him. She said it was going for him to be frustrated because it helps him. She said you just dont want to push him to the point where he gets pissed off...but to get him frustrated enough to were he will use his muscles. I was almost in tears, i just hate seeing him so frustrated. Well but i have to do it.

Speech Therapy (feeding) went okay. We finally figured out that kadyn is smarter than we think. Which is kinda scary LOL. Well, Kadyn has been very independant when it comes to holding his bottle. Well we tryed switching his nipple. He has been on a smaller Nuk but we need to transition him to a smaller straight nipple to get him to have a stronger motor skills. His pallette is really long and high so he is going to ahve a hard time with swallowing. So well anyways. We tryed a straight nipple had nothing to do with it...we wanted to see if he held it..and he just chewed on it. Then we went back to the nuk and he sucked on it, so then we went to the staght chew chew chew....So she said that is a behavioral thing and that he knows what he wants and he is pretty much getting it

He has a neurosurgary appointment today and i will update everyone on that after.