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Saturday, September 27, 2008

good news yay

So Kadyn is possibly going home today or tomorrow. I'm just waiting to see what Neurology wants to do. The fact is, if they want to send him home today, they need to send him home before 3, i have to work at's the stores inventory so im not allowed to miss it. Of course unless something really bad was happening, but if he doesn't get to go home before then, whats one more night. We have stayed longer before. Anyways. He just got done drinking 8 ounces of pedisure. Chocolate Pedisure. Nothing like chocolate for breakfast. At least its good for him!! He just kicked off his pulseox. Great job buddy LOL. Kadyn is known here for pulling out iv's, Evds, his pulseox, he has pulled the breathing tube out of him when he was born right after his surgery. He excubated himself. He is talented. Smart too for his age and condition. He is pretty moody this morning though. He is whining the whole time he is eating. Makes me wonder. He is usually very happy in the morning and now he is just not. Maybe the medication change?
Or the fact that he is on 3 medications?

im goign to play with him


Anonymous said...

hi... my name is abby and i saw your video on youtube- i left you a comment (lonely0soul... thats me)
your story really touches me personally. i hope you read the comment and you like it..idk
maybe its just me but i thinks its nice to be able to share your life experiences with others who understand you.
have a good night.
good luck to you and your family but specially to your baby.