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Friday, September 5, 2008


Today turned out to be great. Im acually going to go out with friends today! (whats that??? lol) Kadyn has been doing sooo well im soo happy. his 6th tooth has finally popped through and he just...ugh so amazing. I love my little guy! Im watching him play with his bear thing (it lights up and plays music and there are toys to grab at) He just has a blast with this thing. Kadyn has the whole scooting thing down, and screaming. He loves to hear himself scream! Loud too. He will scream and then laugh. Its funny because when iused to watch my niece and nephew id tell them nonscreaming, but with Kadyn i just let him scream, and its oddly music to my ears.

Harvey left for army until sunday, and since he left kadyn hasnt said dada on his own once, he will repeat me if i say where did dada go,and he was say dada and i will tell him, daddy will be home soon, he is off doing his hero thing. (which i guess included texting me every 2 seconds :) )

He is so happy, im going to play with him for a bit because in a few hours he will be going to bed and i will be going out. Im going down the street for the grand opening of a little bar. Not going to drink though because i have kadyn and i cant afford it. Im just going with friends.