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Saturday, September 6, 2008

ahhh saturday

So i redid my hydrocephalus post. I think it is a bit better then the last one. I also deleted that blog about the email, i took the adviice i was given i wrote her back and i hope made things better. I wasnt rude about it or anything, i was very nice and i just told her that id re word what i said, so i did. I think she was right, maybe i should have thought about what i has wrote. Id also like to say this. I only want my donation button for my family to use, the older people in my family like my grandma and the ones that live far away, its easier for them to just click a button then go to the bank and transfer money. Im going to add that next to it also. Anyways.

Kadyn is doing great he is laying here next to me as i am suffering from drinking a little too much last night. I only intended on one or two drinks, but we stayed longer then i thought and i didnt think i had that much but i did. Ugh. Kadyn dont mind we are napping together and laying around, instead of my doing laundry feeding him cleaning and catching up, im lounging with my man. Later we will do therapy things, just not now.

Kadyn is grinding his teeth now. I cant stand do i get him to stop????? Im going to ask his peditricain that next month. he thinks its funny...i dont lol.

My flags are up right now though, kadyn has some fluid around his shunt, not alot, but im hoping that it will go down. I havent noticed anything else, but it could be nothing. He has had this happen before nad it went away within a few hours, but it always worries me. Im going to give kadyn a bottle put him in bed then take a shower...i think it will help :-)


Kristen said...

I'm glad to hear you sounding better about that email. Good job Sara!

I sure hope that it's nothing serious about Kadyn's shunt. I'll be praying. I totally empathize at how worrisome something like extra fluid around the shunt can could mean nothing, but yet could mean something...ugh. It's tough. I'm praying though.

MBG said...

Great Blog!!

Beware of that fluid around the shunt... It should not be there. I suggest you call your neurosurgeon. It's always better to be safe then sorry.

I'll have you both in my prayers tonight..