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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The dreaded cold

What a messy eater!!!!

Kadyn has not been feeling good lately. He has a cold. Yesterday he threw up some, and my child has never thrown up, not even spit up, so i was thinking he ate too much and then we did therapy things. So i dont know. He hasn't been running a fever, which is good, and he has been eating good. He has been a lot moodier, and it's hard to handle when im used to him being sooo happy! He is very congested. I have to call his peditricain to see if there is anything i can give him. Now that he is a year old, he should be able to get some cold medication, but i have to make sure it wont have any conflicts with his siezer medication. That would be bad.

Kadyn is on this kick where he is screaming. Not the best way to wake up in the morning. I get so upset because he screams LOUD and its more like a screech. Hurts my ears. Oh well. He is a funny little dude. He is starting to play with toys more, he didn't like them so much at first, but not he is. He can shake his elephant and he is putting toys in his mouth more often. He is still not eating from a spoon. I haven't been forcing the issue this week due it his hospitalizations. I guess i don't want to stress him out, i want him to feel better and settle down before i start that up again. Luckly he has Pedisure which helps him with the nutrients he isnt getting. I'm finishing his last two cans of formula, then i will be switching him to whole milk. He doesn't need formula and pedisure. So, time to move up to milk. I also been giving him a lot more water because his siezer medication affects the kidneys (its a side effect) so he has been drinking water, and oh boy are his diapers paying for that lol! He is growing bigger and bigger and getting longer and longer. He is up to 2 1/2 minutes of holding his head up, and yesterday i had him sitting in his Bumby seat for about 1 minute, of course i held him head most of the time, but it was a good work out for him. So he was on his belly holding his head up for 2 1/2 minutes then sitting up for 1 minute. He did hold his head on his own in the seat but it was only for seconds at a time, and oh boy was he wobbley. We will do that again later on today, after his nap. I'm going to nap with him of course. He enjoys waking up at 6am and staying awake. I need to break him of that fast! LOL. I miss waking up at 8 or 9! Come on Kadyn! Sleep longer lol. With the holidays approching, I'm getting excited/nervous. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy Kadyn Christmas gifts, i mean he won't care to open gifts, i think he will just eat the paper, plus everyone else buying him gifts. I may get him a couple things for therapy, like some toys that spin and what not, but other than that, between my mom, grandma, sisters...kadyn has everything, not to mention Harveys side of the family. I'm more stoked for Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love a huge Thanksgiving turkey and pie and potatoes and stuffing and all that good favorite is the nap after dinner <3.>

Well Halloween is first, which may i add is my birthday. Woot! Kadyn is going to be an Indian. I think. I have no clue what his father plans. I told Harvey he could pick this year since i picked last year. Last year Kadyn was an elephant!!


Keeslermom said...

I always ask for therapy stuff for my son for Christmas. I send the catalog and mark the stuff we need, and all the grandmas get it for us. Maybe people would buy some for Kadyn.

Anonymous said...

He's looking very good, dear. I found your video on YouTube and I decided to come and see how he was doing. I'm glad he's as strong as he is and that you are as strong as you are.