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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EEG Appointment

How much fun was it. Kadyn was soo good. He didnt mind being bundled up. I fed him juice until he fell asleep. Which was good because most siezers in children happen during sleep or just as they are waking up. He said that him sleeping was good. They also did a light test, which flashes light in his eyes. He didnt seem to look concerned at all. Which was good, but i wont know the results until next month when i go in. But luckly, Kadyn has been siezer free since the medicaine uppage.

The guy was very friendly and oh so nice. He talked to me, and talked to kadyn. Though we had been through this two other times, but it was really nice of him to let me know what he was doing before he did it and while he was doing it.

Well Kadyn is currently napping with dada. IM jealous! LOL

Time for dinner!