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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Therapy Today

Kadyns therapy didn't go that well. He wasn't very cooperative today at all. He was in a horrible mood and pretty much didn't want nothing to do with it. They were working on positioning and a feeding chair, which he didn't like at all. He just didn't like sitting up at all. He fought and he fought, he fought so hard that he wouldn't even drink a bottle. So it came time to therapy, and he was okay at first. When she tryed to do things he had become frustrated, and then finally really angry. So, i picked him up and calmed him down and she just didnt little excersizes where he could lay there. So he liked that and we played peek a boo. He loves playing peek a booo and pulling the blanket off his face. He loved it soo much! We finally get home and he is was asleep, until i took him out of his car seat.
Speaking of car seats, kadyn is 2 pounds away from being too big for his rear facing car seat. I was nervous until his Therapist suggested this carseat at co. I was super excited, and its perfect, the only down part is, you have to be a member there. The good thing is my sister is a member. I'm going to have to start saving for this, but i think i have about...a month, unless kadyn keeps growing the way he is !!! Then i give it a week lol. Im going to ask harvey for extra money this week to get Kadyns seat, im sure he wont mind. Kadyn needs it.
Im super excited, a new car seat! YAY. Anyways im excited but sad because he is getting soooo bigggg! But like his therapist says, the bigger he gets the healthier he will get. But still, come on! Can it slow down a little, do the days have to go by so quick. Im goin g to be 22 next month, and i feel likei just turned 21.
Well i am going to go now. I was hoping to nap, but i doubt that will happen.