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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow :-)

Kadyn is home now. He has been home for a day, and seems to be doing good, except he is very moody. He also does not like being held at all anymore. He will throw his head back and just whine. He is also congested and rubbing his eyes a lot more now. I'm thinking, Oh nooo, maybe his siezers weren't just from his siezer disorder. What if its more than that? What if its his....I'm not going to say it. I don't want to believe it, but my eyes are watching him at all hours. I'm scared to sleep now that he is home. At least at the hospital he was hooked up to the monitars. Harvey and I were thinking, maybe we should ask his doctor about an apnea monitar. It will go off if his oxygen levels drop or even when he siezers, his heart will race and the apnea will go off. He had one when he was first brought home, before his siezers even started. I wish i would of kept it. I think it would be safer for him. I mean we haven't had any problems over night, thank God, but i would love to have it for while he is napping and everything. I don't know. He is doing good right now. He is in his bed just laying there drinking a bottle. I am in my bed just laying here thinking, day dreaming, of course about my little dude. Anyways he is complaining, so im guessing he dropped his bottle

So im going to go now. Bye bye