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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hmmm Me....

I've never really talked about me on here. It's usually, well always about my baby boy. Who is way more important, and is more fun to talk about of course. I'm sure there are some out there who want to know about me. I'm not very intresting but hay, some people could be curious

I'll start out by saying my name is Sara, but my friends call me Sara Rae (Rae being my middle name) I'm 21, i'll be 22 on October 31st. Yes, halloween. I live in a small city called Lincoln Park, State is Michigan. I grew up in the same house with my parents, and yes i still live with them. It's fun :-). I don't want to leave them. I annoy them lol!!! Anyways. I grew up with a semi big family. I have 4 other siblings. 1 brother 3 sisters. I'm the youngest. YAY. I went to Lincoln Park High School, were i did graduate. I met the father of my child in high school. We were together for 4 years before we had Kadyn, our specail little guy. Shortly after, we called our relationship quits, which i think was better for the both of us and Kadyn too. Anyways

That would be me and the childs father Harvey. We are still best friends!!

I currently work as a cashier at a local warehouse. I love it. Sooo much fun! My hobbies are, fishing, sewing, quilting, cross stitching, taking pictures, changing diapers, making bottles, wiping kadyns lil butt, watching movies sometimes, shopping, but not buying anything, riding bikes, walking, friends, family, neice, nephews.

I'm pretty much a laid back girl. Though there are times i want to cry from stress, i put a smile on my face and just push past it. I believe that there is no point in crying over stressful situations, it makes them worse. I've been through so much stress, between My baby boy's health, and my bills, i should be crazy by now, but i beleive its best to smile and just live for the day. Enjoy every minute of life, because you never know what could happen tomorrow.

It's not often that i do get to go out, but i love to dance, i enjoy having a fun time, and just enjoying my freedom while i can :-). I also love to go visit my neice Sequoya and my Nephew Michael. They live in Ohio, and i miss them everyday. I also love visitng my nephew dylan. He is 2 and such a wonderful spoiled little boy. Im also going to be an Aunt again. YAY Im excited for it. I also have a wonderful Cousin matthew

The top picture is Me and Matthew, the next is Michael, Kadyn and Sequoya and the bottome is Kadyn studing Dylan. Dylan was just a year old, he doesn't use a paccy anymore LOL.

I'm very nice, and love doing for others. I enjoy seeing other smile, and helping them smile. I dont expect anything in return. I'm a giver not a taker. I care for others, and love life. I wouldn't change it.

Well thats pretty mcuh all. But i figured id let yall know :-)

Oh this is my pride and joy. No one comes close to even making me as happy as he does. I live breath and work for him. I dont know what id be doing if i didnt have him. I love my baby boy Kadyn!!


shir from singapore said...

been reading your blog for about 2-3 weeks.. you are a strong 21 going to be 22 mum.. i'm 25 and i felt i'm still a kid myself.. you are really a wonderful, strong and brave mom! salute!

Creative Nurse with a Travel Bug said...

Your son is gorgeous! You are an inspiration not only to mums of "normal" babies, but also to families who have babies with medical problems (like mine). My husband and I were looking at pictures from Kaydn's youtube video at birth compared to now, and we're so proud of your little man. He's growing so well!