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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Im kind of worried

So i went out tonight and hung out with some friends while Kadyns uncle jonathon took him for alittle bit. I was going to let him keep him over night (he is in the medical field and has been around people with Kadyns condition so i trust him) but Kadyn started acting him, so i told him to take him to my house and that id be there within a half an hour. Just give him to my mom, well thats what he did and i came home and he was kinda a fussy, so i gave him his bottle back adn took his temp, 99.3. Okay maybe teething? So i left him alone a bit and he begun to fuss more, so i picked him up and put him in bed with me. 5 minutes later he was out. So im wondering if he is not feeling good. Idk. I know he never wants to sleep in my bed. I dont know. his eyes were dialated in the light then they went down. (siezer?)

we will see how he acts tomrrow.