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Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh boy

So Kadyn is runnning a temp of 98.0??? I do his temps rectal, because its pretty much the best way to get a temp, well i did ear too and that said 98.7 in right ear and 99.6 in the left ear..i have been checking his temp every 15 minutes.... Im sooo worried. Why is his temp so low when he feels like he is warm?

I checked my thermonitar, it is working!

IM so scared right now, i think i may want to call the doctor right now....

idk he is playing now...but h ehas been very like BLAH all day. Maybe having an off day?? idk


Anonymous said...

I just say your youtube video. At birth he looks so much like my husbands sister did. Your little man is beautiful and he is a fighter!

Sherri said...

Don't worry! :) You can have a temp in the 96's and it's perfectly normal. He's fine :)