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Monday, September 22, 2008

We Are Going Home!!!

So i just got word that they will be sending Kadyn and me home today! Yay! He is going to be on a new medication, so I'm going to have to drop Kadyn off with my mom then go out and get his Medication.

So I started working on this Bib like when i first found out i was pregnant. I just finished today. Yea im a little behind LOL but i finished it..I love to cross stitch.I think its so much fun makeing little x's into a nice picture.

Yeah thats the hospital floor too lol. I finished it here. I think it cute. I'm on a misson to complete all the projects i started and never finshied. The blankets, pillows, cross stitches, and everything i started. I have so much that i never finished. Its crazy, so im going to clear all that out beforei buy anything else to amke. I even have things that i bought but never even made. Funny huh? Never started and still are in package.

They are suppose to be sending us home, and while iwas typing this someone came in and asked me if i was comfortable taking my little Kadyn home, and i said i wanted to know the side effects of this new medication and everything before i took him home, That way i knew what to look for and what not. So they are printing me out that stuff and we will be going home. Well anyways. I am going to start getting our things together. Bye byes


Kristen said...

Home sweet home!! Glad to hear you'll get to see it tonight!