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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kadyns 1st Bubble Bath

Kadyn had his first bubble bath today! How exciting. Kadyn had so much fun playing with the bubbles and eating them. (Yes they are of course non toxic, and get this....they are flavored!!!) He didnt really need a bath becuase he had just had one last night, but i was bored and he looked bored so i was like ahhhh lets try your awesome new bubble bath. Im sooo jealous, i wish i had flavored bubble bath as a child. Well, when he was looking like a prune i decided alright child time to come out. Oh boy was that not fun at all. He let me have it! It scares me when he throws his tempers because he will stiffen out like a board and it worries me that i might drop him, i knw i wont but still it scares me. He is napping now, i wore him out. Thankfully lol. He has been up since 7am, no nope nothing, ahhhh. lol. Silly kid.
I'm soooo tired, i think im going to go nap with him!


Kristen said...

That looks like a blast!! And how fun that it's flavored too!!