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Sunday, September 7, 2008

When its Raining on a Sunday

Oh how do i love waking up to the rain falling on my window sill. Its just refreshing. Kadyn was awake, yelling for a Baba, so i made him a baba with his medicaine in it and we layed in Mamas bed. (which is normally a nono) I just talked to him and he drank adn smiled and even tryed to drink and talk. That was a little messy. We both finally just fell back asleep. We woke up an hour later, he was kicking me and going Dadadadadada. Now since Harvey has been away at army for the weekend (since thursday) Kadyn has refused to say Dada. Harvey is coming home today and Kadyn is just saying it over and over. It's like he knows. I think he does. Thats kinda scary, but it's great! I'm telling you once Kadyn is able to hold his head up, crawling and walking are going to come soooo fast, i will not expect it. He just learns so fast. He is trying to say more words. Like kitty, is tishy. Or something like that! When you say his name he smiles. When you look at him he just lights up. My favorite is going in his room and just saying GOOD MORNING KADYN! He just lights up and my whole day is amazing because of his beautiful smile! It is sunny out now, which is good becuase Harvey and I are suppose to go fishing. Im super excited! kadyn is once again rolling everywhere. Haha! He is going to be ready for hislunch bottle soon. Then we are going to go to Harveys grandmas for dinner! YUM I am excited.


Kristen said...

SO does this mean that Harvey and you are back together?

It's so amazing to hear of the wonderful development Kadyn is doing. It's exciting!!